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Computerized Controls

We have a complete line of computer assisted hoist and trolley controllers.

SD-TC / MB40-80

Remote touch screen for fixed speed chain hoist.


Available in 5.7″ or 8″ screen format.

Capacity of 12 hoist per group.

Editable group and hoist name.

Integrated GO and E.STOP on pendant.

Up to 9 levels of passwords.

Connexion via Harting 16 Poles connector.

Shortkey for all UP, DOWN and RESET of chain hoist direction.

Editable hoist number to group page.

Optionnal features:


Loadcell monitoring

Multi-screen operation



SD-DHC-40 / 80 /11T

Interface box to drive chain hoist control.

Output connectors can be adapted to join with any brand of chain hoists controller system.

19″ 3ru unit drive up to 40 chain hoists.

Integrated E-STOP and status LED on front pannel.

Operates on 120 to 240 VAC 2 Amps.

E-STOP handling.

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