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Show Distribution risers are the most popular and versatile platforms for staging and seating systems in the industry.

Made in Canada from 3″(inches) aluminum extrusion, Show Distribution risers are designed to accept a maximum load of 100 psf. Also they are available in a wide array of anodized finishes. Equally resistant and versatile, the platforms can be fireproofed providing extra security. Offered in four basic unit sizes of 4 ft x 8ft, 4ft x 4ft, l m x 2 m and l m x l m , Show Distribution can also customize the size of your platforms according to your needs.

Show Distribution risers come with built-in sockets. Our sockets allow you to choose the leg sets that provide you with the desired elevation. Each leg end is equipped with a skid-resistant neoprene pad, providing safety of operation and better protection for flooring and tiles. Unit-to-unit Dual-Lock connectors lock individual risers of equal elevation together into a single perfectly smooth and highly stable structure. Unequal elevations are joined together with leg couplers.

Show Distribution risers are surfaced using 1″ premium exterior grade BC fir plywood. Our deck surfaces are offered in a wide range of finishes : painted, carpeted, covered with linoleum or custumized according to your needs.

A wide selection of accessories and options is available to complete your project : stairways, guard rails, ramps, draperies, storage and transportation carts, leg attachments, levellers and many more. Due to their durability and flexibility, Show Distribution risers make the perfect choice for customized staging, touring or permanent seating structures.

Ideal for :

  • Concert halls.

  • Arenas
  • Theaters.

  • Outdoor events.

  • Grandstands
  • Schools
  • Shopping centers.

  • Churches
  • Bars/Discotheques.