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Tour Star Standard

The Tour Star was developed with consideration of the latest knowledge in the hoisting business. It became one of the most advanced products in the market. When they started to design the new hoist after 50 years of experience in the production of electric chain hoists the aims of our designers were:
 The intelligent design of the special safety clutch-brake systems prevents the heat generated by the brake and or clutch from overheating the lifting motor. Extremely maintenance free design with easy access to all wearing parts and changeability without the need for special tools.

This was achieved by following the module concept. Motor, sealed and oil filled gearbox and brake are changeable and ready for operation without any adjustment. Only the clutch would have to be adjusted. 
Advanced safety by implementing of a new patented clutch-brake system.

Make a change from one chain fall to two or counterwise very easy, fast and safe.
This was achieved by a patented solution not using any screws, pins or bolts. 

With our Tour Star, we propose you a new electric chain hoist which does its job very reliably and economically
 + with small weight
 + single or double speed
 +  direct or low voltage control
 + with or without electric limit switches
 + with extremely high duty rate
 + hook or eye suspension.

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