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The Tragically Hip North American Tour

The Tragically Hip Production crew has chosen the automation system of Show Distribution for its 2014 North American Tour. Equipped with the Imperium console and 6 variable speed Tour Lift 1,000 kg chain hoists, the automation technician was able to move an impressive light grid to create spectacular lighting effects.

Night Club in Ukraine

French scenic production company MASH bought a fully automated system featuring Show Distribution’s Servo Lift 1,600KG to fulfil an Ukrainian night club’s desire to light up the night skies. This complete BGV C1 system is controlled by FTSI and runs one 1,600KG Servo Lift and five 500KG Tour Lift hoists. The unique Servo Lift features runs at 21M/minute which allows dramatic changes of the set. The system, supplied by our European distributor Action Lift, was designed to run outdoors and was the first to operate with a Show Distribution Servo Lift in Europe.